Eyelids and the periocular region

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Lacrimal (tear) drainage pathways

Congenital obstruction of the lacrimal system is present in 1- 6% of newborn children. Spontaneous resolution happens in 90-95% of cases during the first year of life. In the remaining 5-10% of children, 60% resolve spontaneously during the second year of life.

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The eye socket - orbit

Congenital under-development of the orbit is most frequently associated with under-development, or complete absence of the eye (congenital microphthalmos). In such cases it is important to start with combined prosthetic and surgical treatment as soon as possible, in order to stimulate the growth of bony and soft tissue structures of the orbit.

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Ten years ago, I underwent surgery for baseocellular carcinoma of the lower left eyelid, at a well known state ophthalmology clinic in Belgrade. To start with, the reconstructed eyelid did not look right, because it was too low, so I could not close my eye completely, which lead to drying and redness of the left eye.



My right eye has been watery for 5 years now. However, 6 months ago the right tear sac had become inflammed, so I had to receive antibiotic injections for 10 days, after which they had to make a skin incission over the sac to let the puss out. The infection repeated one month ago. How often will this happen and what can I do to prevent this?


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