Patient testimonials

Branko Eric (73), Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Ten years ago, I underwent surgery for baseocellular carcinoma of the lower left eyelid, at a well known state ophthalmology clinic in Belgrade.

To start with, the reconstructed eyelid did not look right, because it was too low, so I could not close my eye completely, which lead to drying and redness of the left eye.

In 2012 the tumour reccurred in the vicinity of the previous one. When I went to the doctor who operated me previously, she said that the tumour needed to be operated, however she would not acknowledge my complaints on the position of the eyelid.

A well known ophthalmology professor reccomended Dr Zikic, as the best eye surgeon for my problem.
After a detailed and thorough examination, Dr Zikic told me that, at the same time of the operation of the tumour, a reconstruction of the lower lid had to be performed, in order to correct its position. This would involve the eyelids of the left eye to be closed for 6 weeks, after which, they would be separated with a small operation in local anesthesia.

This made perfect sence to me, so I decided to go ahead with the proposed treatment. The surgery took four hours under general anesthesia. Upon awakening, I felt surprisingly well, so after a few hours I was able to go home for the night.

The follow up examinations and dressings were all performed by Dr Zikic, who continues to monitor me one month after the separation of the operated lids. At the last follow up session, he did a complete eye exam and even prescribed me new reading glasses.

Not used to this kind of treatment by doctors, I really can’t find the words to describe the dedication and care of Dr Zikic in the teratment of his patients.

I consider it my duty to tell other patients, with the same or similar diagnosis, about my experience, because I know how it feels not knowing which way to turn for expert advice.


Marjan Makovec, Murska Sobota, Slovenia

Dear Dr Zikic,

I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me.

At the age of six, my left eye was surgically removed, because of a suspect tumour in the eye. Since that time I have worn an ocular prosthesis.

After problems with bleeding from the socket and falling out of the prosthesis, I had surgery in Slovenia. Unfortunately, the problems still persisted, so I came to Belgrade, where you performed a reconstructive operation: first a complete reconstruction of the orbital socket with mucosa from my mouth and, after that, a secondary orbital implant placement.

After successfull surgery and severeal months of postoperative care, I received a new artificial eye.
I was very happy with your work and commitment to me. My friends say that both my eyes look the same, they cannot tell the difference.

I look forward to our next check up.


Lorena Dulovic (8), Podgorica, Montenegro

Lorena was born 1 month premature and weighed only 950 grams. She spent one and a half months in an incubator, after which the doctors told me that there was a problem with her „brain cells“, which would result in delayed development.

Since birth Lorena has had a problem with tearing of her left eye. Our first visit to the doctor and first probing of the tear duct was done at four and a half months of age. This was done three times in a row, with 4 months in between. After the third operation, the doctor told us that Lorena did not have a formed tear duct because of a bony obstruction, and that she needed a different operation.

When she turned 5, I took her to an eye doctor in Belgrade, who, they told me, was an expert in tear duct surgery. He told me that he performed „laser surgery“ with which he would penetrate the bony obstruction. I have to emphasize that this procedure was very traumatic for Lorena: the doctor was very unpleasant, Lorena was restrained during the procedure and he shouted at her, he gave her only „local anesthesia near the eye“, and threw us out of the office. Only bad memories exist from this period, so we would rather forget them.

After that, the tearing persisted, but for five years I could not take Lorena to see another doctor, for she would cry and beg me not to go. However, the eye was frequently inflammed and swollen, so we had to go.

Dr Jovanovic from Podgorica suggested we go to Dr Zikic, who might be able to solve Lorena’s problem.
When we came to Dr Zikic, he treated Lorena as a friend, so she did not feel fear as before. She would say to me: „ Mother, it’s as if I had gone on a picnic not an operation“.

As far as the surgery is concerned, we are very happy, Lorena feels great. The operation was’t at all traumatic for her and she repeatedly asks when we will go to Belgrade to see her doctor.
Owing to the fact that her eye is not tearing anymore, she has gained confidence, and is able to enjoy her childhood like other children.

I wish to thank Dr Zikic for his professionalism and dedication toward his patients.

Sincere thanks.
Ana and Lorena Dulovic


Marko Matic (27), Belgrade, Serbia

At the age of six, I had to undergo radiation therapy, which consequently damaged my right eye.
Despite several operations, the eye could not be saved, but had to be enucleated. After the operation I received an artificial eye, but due to mistakes made by the ocular prosthetist and ophthalmologist, who were treating me, the socket became deformed and I could not wear the prosthesis anymore. The only thing I could do is cover my socket with gauze.

Today, I am well, thanks to Dr Zikic, who has performed three successfull reconstructive operations. Now I am able to wear an ocular prosthesis without any problems.

Overall, Dr Zikic is an exceptionall person, an innovative doctor a patient can trust. I am gratefull to him for his effort and support.

As a satisfied patient, I intend to continue seeing him for my check-ups. I reccomend Dr Zikic, as a wonderfull, honest and responsible person,  to anyone who has similar health problems.


Davor Bilafer (34), Risan, Montenegro

A few months ago I had a serious traffic accident, in which I injured my left eye. After the accident I was transferred to the hospital in Kotor and after that to Podgorica where they took care of the wound, however they could not address the problem with my tear gland which had slipped from its place, under the upper lid. This is why they referred me to Dr Zoran Zikic in Belgrade.

On examination, there was still significant swelling of the left eye. The operation was performed the next day, during which the tear gland was repositioned and the eyelid reconstructed, so that the muscle which lifts the upper lid could regain its function.

The postoperative recovery went very well, the upper lid began to function normally, and the tear gland started to produce tears again, all this thanks to Dr Zikic and his surgical team.

I am very satisfied with the way he received me as a patient, as well as with the results of his work. I wish to thank him on behalf of myself and my family, because he has done a great thing for us.

Thank you.


Biljana Antic (40), Beograd, Serbia

After an operation of a hemangima of the right orbit, 20 years ago, my right upper lid had developed a ptosis (droopy eyelid). After several operations at home and abroad, there was no improvement in the height of the eyelid. Apparently, the methods used to correct my ptosis, at that time, were not effective enough to bring a lasting result. In the period after that I had no choice but to accept my condition, as well as the fact  that there was no functional or esthetic solution for my problem.
This  year,  a work colleague recommended to me a method, not very well known in our country: autogenous fascia lata suspension. This gave me new hope.

The risk paid off, because I entrusted myself  to Dr. Zoran Zikic, whose reputation as an expert  in the field of oculoplastic surgery is completely justified, as well as a man with exceptional personal and professional values.

To be a patient of Dr. Zikic, means to enjoy respect, love and dedication, without holding back, during the whole duration of tretatment.

I am probably one of many patients, who want to express thanks for a warm human word and everything that has been given.

Biljana Antic


Marko, Slavica and Vladimir Kotarac

Dear Dr Zikic,

We would like to express our greatfullness for all that you have done for us. In addition to this, we would like to share our story with those who have the same problem.

Our son Marko was born with a congenital ptosis of the right upper lid. The first operation was performed in a public clinic with 4 months of age, and after that a second operation was done, by the same surgeon, at 15 months of age. Thre was only a milid and brief improvement after the second surgery. A third operation was done, again by the same surgeron, in another (private) clinic, when Marko was 8 years old, after which the eyelid position was worse than before.

The explanation for this failure was: “When ptosis correction is concerned, neither the patient, nor the surgeon are satisfied. If the ptosis is corrected completely, this will lead to drying of the eye – a bigger problem than the ptosis itself”.

After the third operation, when we had lost all hope, we found out about an eye surgeon in Belgrade, who might be able to help us.

In February 2013 we went to see Dr Zoran Zikic. In a professional, but understandable way, he explained to us all aspects of Marko’s ptosis, the effect of the previous three operations, and the reasons why an autogenous fascia lata suspension is the solution for this problem.

At 9 years of age Marko was operated for the 4th time, in July 2013. The results of the operation have exceeded our expectations. The position of his right upper eyelid is completely symmetrical to the left one, when he looks straight ahead.

Due to an uncorrected ptosis during the most sensitive period of visual development, Marko now has only 60-70% of visual acuity on his right eye. We wish that other parents do not have to go through the same situation. We recommend Dr Zikic as a professional, a surgeon and a person.

Thank you very much!

Marko, Slavica and Vladimir Kotarac