Oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery

is a sub-speciality of ophthalmic surgery, which deals with problems of the accessory organs of the eye: eyelids and the periorbital region, tear drainage ducts and the orbit.

Because of the intimate relationship of these structures with the eye itself, this surgery is performed by ophthalmologists who have passed specific training and posess knowledge and skills in both ocular and plastic surgery, and have the resources to monitor the condition of the eye before, during and after surgery.

Eyelids and the periocular region

Congenital drooping of the upper lid (ptosis) is usually caused by incomplete development of the levator muscle (the muscle that elevates the upper lid). This condition can impede the development of normal vision on the side of the affected lid. The decision regarding the timing and method of ptosis correction depends on the degree of ptosis in relation to the visual axis (pupil), the strength of the levator muscle and the age of the child.

Lacrimal (tear) drainage pathways

Congenital obstruction of the lacrimal system is present in 1- 6% of newborn children. Spontaneous resolution happens in 90-95% of cases during the first year of life. In the remaining 5-10% of children, 60% resolve spontaneously during the second year of life.

The eye socket - orbit

Congenital under-development of the orbit is most frequently associated with under-development, or complete absence of the eye (congenital microphthalmos). In such cases it is important to start with combined prosthetic and surgical treatment as soon as possible, in order to stimulate the growth of bony and soft tissue structures of the orbit.

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“A few months ago I had a serious traffic accident, in which I injured my left eye. After the accident I was transferred to the hospital in Kotor and after that to Podgorica where they took care of the wound, however they could not address the problem with my tear gland which had slipped from its place, under the upper lid. This is why they referred me to Dr Zoran Zikic in Belgrade…”

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